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Your pet safety is our priority, so once you drop them off, we’ll load your pet on board the aircraft just before takeoff, and they’ll spend their journey in a climate-controlled, pressurized compartment. After landing, we’ll unload your pet first to minimize their stress, and if they have a long journey or connection time, we’ll keep them in a safe place. Depending on their itinerary, your pet could stay at our terminal, an on-site kennel or off-site facility before the next step of their journey.

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Pet travels safely and comfortably door-to-door nationwide or anywhere in the world.

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• Check-in occurs at the airlines' cargo facility and pets are tracked during each stage of their their journey.
• The cargo area is pressure and temperature controlled.
• Pets do not need to travel on the same flight as the pet owner and they're not attached to the ticket of their pet owner, which makes it easier for people to plan their own travel routes.

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Privacy is only the beginning of the reason; Air Charter Services is increasingly becoming the choice of the travel for those who enjoy flying with flair.

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